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Recent research shows that mental health issues are increasingly prevalent across all age groups, genders, and cultures. Take charge of your mental health today and join us in prioritizing your well-being.





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Our team of certified and qualified therapists specialize in providing support for a range of mental health related issues, such as depression, anxiety, relationships, trauma, and grief. We offer the same level of professionalism and quality as an in-person therapist, but with the added convenience of being able to communicate when and how you want. Start your journey to a better tomorrow with us today!

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No matter how severe or mild your symptoms are, our professionals can give you the life-altering care you require to work towards improved mental health.


Psychotherapy, or talk therapy, is a way to help people with a broad variety of mental illnesses and emotional difficulties. Psychotherapy can help eliminate or control troubling symptoms so a person can function better and can increase well-being and healing.

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy is a type of psychotherapy in which a licensed therapist helps people involved in a romantic relationship. Therapist will understand their relationship, resolve conflict, and improve their relationship using a variety of therapeutic processes. Research conducted by the American Association of Marriage and Family concluded that over 97% of surveyed couples got the help they needed from couples therapy.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is a form of psychotherapy that involves one or more therapists working with several people at the same time. Group therapy is sometimes used alone, but it is also commonly integrated into a comprehensive treatment plan that also includes individual therapy.

Individual Therapy

Psychotherapy, or talk therapy, is a way to help people with a broad variety of mental illnesses and emotional difficulties. Psychotherapy can help eliminate or control troubling symptoms so a person can function better and can increase well-being and healing.

Exposure Therapy

Exposure therapy is a psychological treatment that was developed to help people confront their fears. When people are fearful of something, they tend to avoid the feared objects, activities or situations. The exposure to the feared objects, activities or situations in a safe environment helps reduce fear and decrease avoidance.

EMDR Therapy

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy (Shapiro, 2001) was initially developed in 1987 for the treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and is guided by the Adaptive Information Processing model (Shapiro 2007). EMDR is an individual therapy typically delivered one to two times per week for a total of 6-12 sessions

Gestalt Therapy

Gestalt therapy is a humanistic and person-centered form of psychotherapy which is focused on a person’s present life and current challenges, rather than focusing on past experiences that a lot of other therapies delve into. There is an emphasis on perception in this therapy, specifically aiming to increase a person’s awareness of themselves at the moment, and through this awareness, personal growth becomes possible

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

The main treatments for people with PTSD are specific short-term psychotherapies. These treatments are described below. Everyone is different, so a treatment that works for one person may not work for another. Some people may need to try different treatments to find what works best for their symptoms.

Social Anxiety Therapy

Social anxiety disorder is a common type of anxiety disorder. A person with social anxiety disorder feels symptoms of anxiety or fear in situations where they may be scrutinized, evaluated, or judged by others, such as speaking in public, meeting new people, dating, being on a job interview, answering a question in class, or having to talk to a cashier in a store.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

“Dialectical” means combining opposite ideas. DBT focuses on helping people accept the reality of their lives and their behaviors, as well as helping them learn to change their lives, including their unhelpful behaviors. Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) is especially effective for people who have difficulty managing and regulating their emotions


At 24/7 DCT, we believe that the only way to combat the mental health crisis is through collaboration. That’s why we have partnered with Cure Helps and the AIGAS Foundation to provide accessible and affordable online therapy and mental health services to those in need.

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24/7 DCT aims to reimagine how people access the care they need with a revolutionary digital mental healthcare system.

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24/7 DCT is a tele-therapy platform. We are here to raise mental health awareness and provide affordable solutions for anyone in need. 24/7 DCT services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

After you sign up, you will have access to view therapist profiles and schedule appointments directly with any therapists of your liking.

Licensed, qualified, experienced, and accredited psychologists (PhD / PsyD), licensed marital and family therapists (LMFT), licensed clinical social workers (LCSW / LMSW), or licensed professional therapists are on the panel of 24/7 DCT (LPC). They all hold a Masters or a Doctorate degree in their profession. After successfully completing the requisite schooling, tests, training, and practice, they have been qualified and certified by their state’s professional board in the United States or certified by their regional country board. While their backgrounds, experience, and skill differ, they all have at least three years and 1,000 hours of hands-on experience.

24/7 DCT may be right for you if you’re looking to improve the quality of your life. Whenever there is anything that interferes with your happiness or prevents you from achieving your goals, we may be able to help. We also have therapists who specialize in specific issues such as stress, anxiety, relationships, parenting, depression, addictions, eating, sleeping, trauma, anger, family conflicts, LGBT matters, grief, religion, self esteem, and more.

24/7 DCT is not the right solution for you if any of the following is true:

  • You are a minor or you are under the care of a legal guardian
  • You are in an urgent crisis or an emergency situation
  • You do not have a device that can connect to the Internet or you do not have a reliable Internet connection

We take your privacy and confidentiality seriously. We have built state-of-the-art technology, operations, and infrastructure with the goal of protecting your privacy and safeguarding the information you provide. It is important for us that you know exactly how your privacy and confidentiality is treated, for more information see our Privacy Policy.
Everything you tell your therapist is confidential.