About Us

Our Story

24/7 Digital Care Team (DCT) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to making professional mental health counseling easily accessible, inexpensive, and convenient for anybody in need. While mental health concerns have always been a constant in our culture, it has become more prevalent in recent years. Unfortunately, every American has either experienced or knows someone who has had mental health issues in the previous several years. And that is enough to take initiative and fight however we can!

One of the team members at 24/7 DCT was struggling in life and needed assistance, but lacked the finances to pursue it. That is how the idea for 24/7 DCT was born and we are committed to work at it everyday to the best of our capabilities.

Our Mission

To provide global professional, accessible, and reliable psychological, emotional, mental & spiritual support to anyone who is struggling without finances being a hurdle.

Our Therapists

Therapists in the United States

24/7 DCT has a panel of qualified, experienced, and accredited psychologists that specialize in marital and family therapists (LMFT), clinical social workers (LCSW / LMSW), board licensed professional counselors (LPC), and internationally licensed therapists.

Internationally Certified Therapists

24/7 DCT is pleased to introduce a team of certified therapists that have been accredited in their respective countries. Our therapist board thoroughly vets these professionals. Internationally licensed therapists have received substantial training and experience in their field of specialization. They speak English and other languages fluently to help interact with their patients in the best way possible.

Why 24/7 DCT

Simple Access
Sign up and you’ll have access to expert mental health care within days (rather than months). You can also communicate with our team of professionals directly.

Quality Care
Your personalized care team is composed of qualified specialists that adhere to the highest standards. Because they’re all on the same platform, your prescriber, therapist or counselor, and account coordinator may communicate with one another to provide you with the finest treatment possible.

Pocket Friendly
Our service costs one-third the price of typical in-person counseling sessions and just a fraction of the price of standard psychiatric treatment. We also deal with the largest insurance companies to offer you care at a minimal cost.