affordable online therapy from 24/7 DCT vs better help

BetterHelp vs. 24/7 DCT: Reviews, Similarities And Differences

Mental disorders… an illness that has remained unrecognized for quite some time but now it is finally considered as an actual problem. The stigma regarding it has reduced today and people have become more comfortable with reaching out to therapists, so that they can make sense of their thoughts and emotions.

This comfort has resulted in a rise of therapists and organizations that provide therapy, especially during and post pandemic. A time when people were at their most vulnerable both physically and mentally. Organizations like 24/7 DCT and BetterHelp provide people with the best therapy they can in their own ways.

Now when we talk about the two, they each have their similarities and differences so let’s compare.

First we have the new organization 24/7 DCT, a virtual mental health platform providing affordable online therapy for all your mental health needs. 24/7 DCT is dedicated to providing easy access to professional mental health counseling plans for everyone. Their mission is to provide emotional, mental, and spiritual support to those who wish to seek help. The people who do not have sufficient funds to apply for name brand therapists can go to them and receive counseling at better, affordable prices. While the level and quality of care remains the same, their services cost one-third of the price of typical in-person counseling sessions. They are quite cheaper than the usual price of standard psychiatric and psychological treatment. They also deal with some of the biggest insurance companies to offer you care at a minimal cost. On the contrary, BetterHelp plans cost around $60-$90 per week  which comes to around $320 per month, and they do not accept insurance. 24/7 DCT is offering the same at $259 per month without insurance and $149 per month with insurance plans.

BetterHelp provides users with easy access to therapists via digital communication mediums. 24/7 DCT does the same, with additionally offering 24/7 access to a live chat with your chosen therapist. The major problem for both is the fact that they are more oriented towards adults and teens and do not have services for preteens.

In terms of the services provided, 24/7 DCT provides a much more attractive package over BetterHelp. 24/7 DCT provides us with different types of therapy from individuals, couples, teens and even group therapy. Since all sessions are online, chances of your personal information leaking are quite high. 24/7 DCT promises complete confidentiality, unlike BetterHelp who were caught in a major controversy in 2018, on the privacy concern of their customers. They were under fire for allegedly selling their user’s data to FaceBook. Later they altered their privacy policy to “We may share your information in connection with an asset sale, merger, bankruptcy, or other business transaction.” which implies that they may share your information to other companies without your consent. 24/7 DCT claims to do nothing of the sort and ensures complete client confidentiality.

Like BetterHelp, 24/7 DCT is a mental health organization which is set to achieve better, healthy mental health care for the people.  24/7 DCT is trying to make mental health support available to those who aren’t able to afford therapy and choose a therapist of their choice and preferences. On the flip side, BetterHelp is quite rigid in its plans but it does allow the client to change their therapist later on, if required.

The main difference between the two is that 24/7 DCT puts its clients needs first; giving full priority to its clients all the while maintaining their privacy, offering better prices and providing best therapists for professional mental health care. BetterHelp is a well established organization and has its fair share of good reviews. But over the years, they have struggled with problems regarding their services and security yet they still fail to provide surety to the clients about their privacy and confidentiality.

Both 24/7 DCT and BetterHelp have their respective pros and cons. While BetterHelp has more years of experience under their belt, it doesn’t necessarily mean that 24/7 DCT is any worse. Both have trained and registered therapists (both for the US as well as International) that cover a variety of  subjects. Additionally, it is to be noted that 24/7 DCT provides a broader set of topics and therapy types. Both have people trying to help humans understand and manage their emotions, both want to help humanity. Unfortunately BetterHelp has had a dubious track record over time with 24/7 DCT having superiority in that regard. They are a new organization that wants to create a name for themselves so they will try to provide their clients with the best of services at affordable prices and keep any and all client data completely confidential.

So go check them out, do your research, use due diligence and see what type of package and therapy type suits you best. No matter which platform you pick, take a step forward and begin your new journey – a journey of self discovery and self fulfillment and become the person you want to be mentally and emotionally.

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